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Recycling Plant

Design and supply the control panel with associated control system for a recycling plant in Sydney Australia




Recycling Plant


8 Weeks



The plant receives domestic waste material and sorts/grades the material to aid the recycling of large waste loads as efficiently as possible.

The control system was designed and manufactured by Axon’s team of engineers,  and consists of power distribution and control for 38 motor starters (~800A in total), the majority of which were VSD speed controlled with DC braking to achieve the specified process flexibility and with safety contactor to achieve the customer required Safety Performance Level.

Axon’s design team carried out a temperature evaluation of the panel to ensure the panel would operate sustainably and effectively in a challenging environment.

The control system was mounted on a Schneider PLC with associated HMI and remote login system, which allows Axon’s PLC team to remotely access the plant from anywhere in the world to assist with any site issues.