Day Group IBA Plant

Day Aggregates IBA PlantIn conjunction with the LJH Group, Axon Power & Control were contracted to design and install the control systems automation for an IBA (Incinerator Bottom Ash )processing  plant for the Days Group at Brentford England.

The project comprised the design and build of the plant motor control panel, the plant electrical services installation, including power factor correction equipment, and final testing and commissioning of the installed equipment in conjunction with the LJH engineers.

The plant automation was specifically designed to incorporate all aspects of the plant control into one central control system; from this location the operator can monitor the running of the complete plant and all ancillary equipment.

At the heart of the control system is a Schneider Electric PLC system, which relays information from ancillary panels such as those controlling the eddy current separator equipment, electro magnets and belt weighers and transfers this information to the PLC.  This data is then converted and displayed as operator friendly information on the HMI display terminal.

The layout and functionality of the display terminal was designed to maximise eaAxon Power & Control, control panelse of use and productivity. The display terminal allows the operator to see the status of the plant graphically at a glance, with more detailed information available as necessary.

In order to more accurately control plant throughput the belt weigher was integrated with the PLC system, thus allowing instantaneous and accurate feed rate control via the set point as determined by the operator. The production rate can be viewed in real time on the display terminal, or the information can be viewed via the historical trend graph which plots the actual productivity against the operator set point. 

All of the information gathered regarding tonnes per hour, motor current, plant alarms are logged to a removable USB pen drive.  This information can then be transferred to a PC where the customer can create a record of the plants performance with minimum effort.

The trend graphs can be easily viewed using standard spreadsheet software allowing the plant manager to effortlessly scan through the production records.  Similarly alarm logs can also be viewed in a spreadsheet or table format showing the time, date and the nature of the alarm condition.

Upon completion of the job Michael Woodward of the Days Group personally emailed us to say…

Thank you very much for the work that you guy’s have done at Brentford. The quality and workmanship of the installation really is excellent and I would very much appreciate it if you can pass on my thanks to Mark and his team for a really great job well done.’